Ginger Orange Puerh


This puerh blend is full-bodied and well balanced with a kick of ginger and tangy orange peel. Puerh and ginger are both good for digestion, making this a perfect tea to brew after lunch or dinner, or when under intestinal distress.


Ginger Orange Puerh

When we’re having a bit of tummy distress, ginger tea or candies can often do the trick to calm our stomachs. That was the inspiration behind this smooth and spicy blend. By combining ripe puerh tea with strong ginger root and puncy orange peel, we crafted this tea specifically with digestion (and outstanding flavor) in mind.

Puerh tea is aged, which enhances its natural probiotic quality and cuts down on its astringency. These characteristics make it a great tea to sip if you have a sensitive stomach. It also contains some caffeine, but not as much as highly oxidized black tea. Both orange peel and ginger meld well with puerh to steep up a bold yet soothing sip.

All ingredients are organic and high-quality, ensuring you get the best cup of tummy relief out there!

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Chinese shou puerh*, ginger root*, and orange peel*, *organic.



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