Caldera Mist Chocolate Abyss


Rich dark chocolate notes make this a tea favorite! Not overly sweet – sophisticated and nuanced. Read the description below to learn more.



Caldera Mist Chocolate Abyss

Caldera Mist Chocolate Abyss brings you a rich dark chocolate experience in your tea cup. Chocolate and vanilla marry in this black tea blend with organic Colombian tea and cacao nibs and husks for our Caldera Mist. The vanilla brings a subtly sweet edge.

We wanted to take you to the high Andean mountains of Colombia with this blend. This tea brings mist and swirl like high altitude clouds, and deep and dark (chocolate) notes like a volcano’s caldera. Enjoy the adventure, but don’t fall in!

With Colombian black tea*, cacao nibs*, cacao husk*, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.


  1. Jillian Hummer (verified owner)

    This may be my new favorite, tried it on a whim and I’m so glad I did!!!! It’s almost like a hot chocolate! Delicious!!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Jillian, so glad you like Caldera Mist Chocolate Abyss! We think it’s like dark chocolate, LMTC

  2. Brandon Pannell

    I love to enjoy this tea while reading, the chocolate taste isn’t overwhelming and mixes nicely with the vanilla.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Brandon, Thank you for the kind Caldera Mist Chocolate Abyss review! LMTC

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