Lake Missoula Tea Company Grand Opening

A big thank you to our many friends in the Missoula Community for making the grand opening of our new tea company and tea bar on First Friday a success. We saw so many friends and met many new folks who were enthusiastic and supportive of our tea company. Our son, Uriah, shared his photos from his recent trip to China, and we had three teas to sample, along with appetizers and wine. The teas we shared were High Mountain Oolong, Earl Grey Classic, and Jasmine Green. Lots of positive comments on the rustic feel and authentic atmosphere of our space were shared, in addition to plenty of compliments about the teas we featured.

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2 thoughts on “Lake Missoula Tea Company Grand Opening

  1. Looks like you Grand Opening was a success! Jasmine Monkey King Green Tea is actually one of my favorite teas. It has a really nice aroma and when brewed properly, it goes down easy and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Does anyone know if it has health benefits?

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