True or False? Making tea is hard work

It takes a second to figure out the answer to that question when you visit a tea farm. Aside from the patience and work necessary to grow the tea, it requires manufacturing at the tea factory. The factory is full of loud, hot, expensive machines designed to do very specific tasks as the tea is processed.

Much of the tea processing is artisanal and needs spur of the moment decisions based on temperature, humidity, tea type, tea condition, and many other variables. Machinery is one aspect of what happens in a tea factory to produce the brew that you love in your cup. Machines require constant maintenance and upgrading. When a machine goes down, it can impact tea production for an entire day, or picking or more. Many tea farms are far from industrial centers and need skilled, innovative machinists to solve the problems that arise when working with machines.  It is for this reason that you might spy the God of Machines while visiting a tea factory in India.

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