Tea Makes You Smarter – Study Shows

A study published in Aging states that “habitual tea drinking has positive effects on brain organization and gives rise to greater efficiency in functional and structural connectivity”.  All you tea drinkers already knew this!  The study further states that tea helps with cognitive function, mood and circulation.  This doesn’t happen over night.  Many of the study participants drank tea for 25 years or more.

One of the authors of the study compared the positive effects of drinking tea to that of driving on a road.  You can take a clear route or one that twists and turns.  Tea helps the brain build clear paths.  The cranial cocktail of L theanine, caffeine and antioxidants work together.  The effect is a more efficient, happy and healthy, smarter you.

As if you needed another reason to drink more tea.  Hats off to camelia sinensis and all of the tea we love to drink.  From this formidable plant comes so many tea choices- green tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea, yellow tea and black tea!  Drink tea daily and drink quality tea.  You just might find your step a little lighter and arriving earlier than everyone else with a smile on your face.

Read more about this at:

Scientists have found a new benefit of drinking tea for the brain

And a lot more about it in Aging at:

Habitual tea drinking modulates brain efficiency: evidence from brain connectivity evaluation

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