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Skin ailments and green tea – Royal Highland Green and psoriasis

Has anyone experienced or heard that drinking green tea can improve a skin condition?

My sister, Willow, is one of our tea tester/tasters.  Although she has always been a tea drinker, this past year she began drinking loose leaf teas exclusively.  She’s had a mild to medium case of psoriasis all of her adult life.  About a month ago I gave her some of our Royal Highland Green tea from Kenya in order to experiment with water temperature and steep time.  While she determined that the Royal Highland Green tea is a sensitive tea and needs to be steeped at a much lower temperature and less steep time, she also discovered that her psoriasis patches had greatly diminished or were gone in some cases.  She attributes this to the Royal Highland Green tea.  She had also been drinking oolong and rooibos, but she noticed improvements in her skin almost immediately after she started drinking the Royal Highland Green.

Anyone with skin ailments knows that relief from the discomfort (the itch) is great, but to have the ailment diminish or disappear is the best.  Am curious if anyone else has something to add to this topic…

Milk and tea may not be a good mix

I’ve heard that adding milk to your tea takes away the health benefits, and so was glad to stumble across a story from a more reputable source than myself, that puts it bluntly.

Consider holding the milk with your tea

However, I have heard that this only pertains to cows milk and that other milk such as soy does not have the same effect.

Tea quote – in The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery

Our friend Linda Weston shared this great quote taken from The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery:

great tea quote in this book

“The tea ritual: such a precise repetition of the same gestures and the same tastes; accession to simple, authentic and refined sensations, a license given to all, at little cost, to become aristocrats of taste, because tea is the beverage of the wealthy and of the poor; the tea ritual, therefore, has the extraordinary virtue of introducing into the absurdity of our lives an aperture of serene harmony. Yes, the world may aspire to vacuousness, lost souls mourn beauty, insignificance surrounds us. Then let us drink a cup of tea.”

Lake Missoula Tea Company Grand Opening

A big thank you to our many friends in the Missoula Community for making the grand opening of our new tea company and tea bar on First Friday a success. We saw so many friends and met many new folks who were very enthusiastic and supportive of our tea company. Our son, Uriah, shared his photos from his recent trip to China, and we had three teas to sample along with appetizers and wine. The teas we shared were High Mountain Oolong, Red Flower Earl Grey, and Jasmine Monkey King. Lots of positive comments on the rustic feel and the authentic atmosphere of our space were shared in addition to plenty of compliments about the teas we featured.

Grand Opening for Lake Missoula Tea Company
First Friday crowd at the tea store and bar
Grand Opening at Lake Missoula Tea Company
Mingling at the tea store
First Friday friends
Friends at our grand opening for Lake Missoula Tea Company

Terroir affects caffeine, no simple rule for caffeine and tea

I was in Portland recently for a whirlwind trip – to drop our daughter, Tashina, off to school, visit with one of my best friends, and to buy furniture for Lake Missoula Tea Company.  No simple feat for two days.  I am happy to report that Tashina made it up to Tacoma safe and sound in her new to her car, and that I successfully found much of the furniture items on my list for the tea bar.  The visit with my friend Jane was fun, as it always is.

On a  tip from a gal who works at the Antique Mall in Missoula,Montana, Tashina and I had lunch at the Jade Restaurant in the Sellwood district of Portland.  The owner, Josh, figured out that I was opening a tea company in Missoula and suggested we visit the folks where they get their tea.  It was there that I learned from Nathan, tea researcher, that it is hard, if not inaccurate, to generalize the caffeine content of any type of tea.  For example, saying black tea has more caffeine content than a green tea is not necessarily true.  Recent research shows that caffeine is affected by terroir, a combination of soil characteristics and climate, as well as when the tea leaves are picked.  In Tea : History, Terroirs, Varieties (Marchand, et al 2011), 35 teas of varying types are compared for caffeine content.  The highest caffeine content is a black tea, seconded by a green tea, which then appears again later in the list because it was picked at a different time of year.  Two other teas appear twice with different rankings, each coming from different estates.  Bottom line is caffeine is all over the map when it comes to caffeine content and tea.

World Tea Expo in Vegas

We attended the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas in June and met a lot of people at the same stage of the tea business as ourselves and sampled teas from around the world.  The presenters were great and shared their frank experiences in the tea business with us.

Drinking tea by the grams

Since dropping coffee from our daily routine, Jake and I are going through about 50 grams of tea a week.  We’ve mixed Formosa Ooolong and a variety of Rooibos and find ourselves craving more.

What’s happening on Tuesday

We met with a graphic designer today and have many ideas.  He is going to create several sketches and we will run marketing tests with the sketches with friends.  Once we choose a logo/design, he will move forward.