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Tea is Global

“When we rise in the morning… at the table we drink coffee which is provided to us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African; before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to more than half the world.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As we celebrate this great man today, almost 53 years after his death, his words reminds us that we are living in a connected world and with that comes shared responsibility. Responsibility for each other, ourselves and our planet. Think about your daily actions and what has shaped them. Where do you get your goods from? Who do you support with your purchases? How have they helped to serve you? What would you do without them? Who are you beholden to?

Tea, like a vast number of other goods, is global. It is also universal. Tea travels the world and fills the cups of high ranking government officials and poor farmers alike. It is not classist nor separatist. Drinking tea can become a ritual, a mediation, and a time to reflect. Let’s reflect on how far we have come, who has laid the path for us, and set intentions for how much further we must go. For after all, we are together in this world.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that preached love, togetherness and justice for all. Let’s not let his message fade. Rather let the words of this late hero hold true and fast, and his voice resonate within all of us.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with tea cup

Tea Infusions to Ring in the New Year!

Looking for a special way to ring in 2021? If so, we have just the fix for you!

Tea infusions are a great way to spin your favorite drink, alcoholic or not. Tea works well as an infusing agent as it steeps quickly with strong, robust flavors. You can steep tea and add it to a cocktail or mocktail, or directly infuse your spirit of choice with tea!  Read More …

Turn the Page with Keemun Tea

Keemun tea from Keemun County (also known as Qimen), is one of China’s signature black teas. It possesses an incredible flavor profile, the result of over a century of tea crafting. While there are multitudes of grades, (some fetching as much as $1,500/500 grams!), we offer 3 distinct grades: Keemun, our finer Keemun Black Snail and Keemun Mau Feng, the last which we have in a very limited supply!

With a fruity, sometimes smoky fragrance, Keemun tea has its own distinct flavor profile. Keemun tea is created using a very laborious, artisanal 14 step process. This refined process reveals itself in the complexity of flavor. All of our Keemun teas come from the same tea farm in Keemun County, Anhui Province, China.

Zhu Ye Zhong, a tea cultivar (or variety) refined over years of selective breeding, is used for Keemun teas. It contains essential oils also found in lavender, rose, and citronella. These essential oils give Keemuns their piney, dried plum and rose flavors that leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. Expand your black tea palette and compare the three Keemuns we carry!

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To Our Tea Customers, Thank You to the Moon and Back!

Happy 2021 and SoOlong 2020!

Lake Missoula Tea Company has much to be thankful for despite a year wrought with challenges, introspection and profound sadness. We are grateful to you for your continued support of our tea products, staff and company. At the end of the day, YOU, our tea loving customer, are the heart of our tea company.

Like everyone, the pandemic has given us both cause and time to ponder the opportunities and challenges facing us. (Fortunately, we’ve had ample cups of tea to aid in our reflection!)

We’re endeavoring to look at 2020 as a year of silver linings. Perhaps the most significant silver lining we have found are our wonderful and loyal customers. Thank you truly for your patronage. We are exceedingly grateful to you for helping us navigate through this period. We wish you and yours a New Year filled with hope and kindness.

The LMTC Team

Lake Missoula Tea Company Staff
Lake Missoula Tea Company Staff

Lemon Myrtle the World’s Best Lemon Tea

Lemon Myrtle Tea is the best lemon “tea” we’ve ever tasted. While not actually a tea, (it doesn’t come from camellia sinensis) it’s a caffeine free botanical, or tisane. The flavor of lemon myrtle is bright and fragrant and simply delicious lemon. If you are a person who likes to drink or eat food that is good for them, put this lemon tea on your list of essential teas.

In addition to its outstanding flavor, lemon myrtle has healthy effects for those who drink it. This lemon botanical contains super high levels of citral, which give it powerful antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. This tea also has high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Endemic to Australia (meaning it only grows in Australia), generations have used this plant to boost immunity, ward off sickness, reduce bacterial infections topically, AND it tastes delicious! Try lemon myrtle the next time you are looking for a boost from your herbal tea. Sip on intentional tea drinkers!