Relax and Calm Down with Tea

Feeling overwhelmed, without focus, or upset? Interjecting positive habits like exercise, meditation and self care to our daily routines can do wonders. This is a time when we need to take special care of ourselves and maintain high immunities. And guess what? Drinking tea can boost your energy levels, improve your mental clarity and calm your nerves.

Unearth your gong fu tea set. Add some tea and pour the water…relax, delicious and calming. Perfection. This traditional Chinese method of tea brewing allows time to be mindful in a world of never ending activity.

Or, dig out your favorite tea pot from the cupboard. Brew your tea any way you want to. Pour a cup, relax, and reap the benefits! No matter the method, making and drinking tea can calm and center us.

Looking for some good teas to relax with? Try our Yin Zhen (Silver Needles) for a light cup of clarity and focus. Or try drinking A Few of My Favorite Things, a simple botanical blend that will calm even those tightest wound.

However you find your way to tea, consume it daily. Try to add ritual to your tea steeping and drinking. Ultimately, this is good for your state of mind and overall health!

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