Real People, Real Tea - Tea stories from around the world

Across the world, tea serves a vital function – it can be both a social beverage that fosters human interaction or a daily ritual for individuals seeking a longer, more fulfilling life. In its own way, tea is a pathway to greater social and cultural awareness thanks to the plant’s ability to calm the nerves and focus the mind. Tea crosses culture, socio-economic strata, gender, age, and all other ways people can be different. A member of our family who travels extensively tells us that in the Middle East and Asia tea provides a context where community conversations are had and important decisions are made.

Real People Real Tea presents a cross section of the tea world from all walks of life and from a myriad of places. Read and enjoy these rich stories of personal experience..

We seek tea stories from all over the world.  Know someone who has a tea story to tell?  Contact us.

Real People, Real Tea

Tea Stories from Around the World