Yin Zhen – Silver Needles


An organic white, lovely tasting tea consisting entirely of soft, downy buds that give this tea it’s name and exquisite taste. Read the description below to learn more about this white tea.



Yin Zhen – Silver Needles

Yin Zhen, meaning Silver Needles, is a top shelf white tea with a subtle, sweet, delicate flavor. Yin Zhen consists entirely of soft, downy buds that give this tea it’s exquisite taste that allow it to completely stand on its own. The name Silver Needles comes from the tiny white hairs on the buds and tea leaf. This tea is very labor intensive as Silver Needles require hand picking of only the buds from the tea bush. The tea buds are then withered and dried.

While the new shoots (buds) on the tea bush carry the most caffeine to ward of bugs, white tea generally has less caffeine. This is because we brew it at a lesser temperatures (higher temperatures bring out more caffeine).  White tea also has little to no oxidation, a process that increases the presence of caffeine.  Because white tea isn’t oxidized and brewed it at lower temperatures, it has less caffeine.

With small thin pointed buds, Yin Zhen Silver Needles is a lovely tea that rolls off the tongue. The flavor reveals itself subtlety. It is especially enjoyed by those who have patience and like to challenge themselves by seeking nuance of flavor in tea.

Organic Chinese white tea.


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