Viva Travel Mug Recharge


Leak proof, modern and so easy to use! This on the go tea mug is the best. Read the description below and watch the video on how to use this tea mug.



Viva Travel Mug Recharge

Viva Travel Mug Recharge is an all-in-one for tea on the go. The mug is modern and fun to make tea with. This is an all-in-one tea on the go tea steeper. Put your favorite tea in the mug, insert the strainer, steep, push the strainer down and drink. Stash your mug in your backpack or handbag, it’s leak proof!

The look and feel is modern. Makes 15.5oz of tea. Resteep your tea if you want. The leaf remains at the bottom, free from over steeping. Step up in style with a new Recharge tea steeper!

Select the color that is best for you: Mint, Grey, Raspberry


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