Valentine Rose Tea Gift Box



Valentine Rose Tea Gift Box

Valentine Rose Tea Gift Box feature a handmade box by Missoula-based Niels Carlson Woodworks filled with a selection of our tea.  A special treat for the tea connoisseur and novice alike.  These make fantastic gifts and you’ll have the tea box to replenish with new teas.

This themed tea box includes three premium teas.  Consider adding tea filters, a tea tumbler,  or other steeping device (and another) to your order to make an all-in-one tea package.

The Valentine Rose Tea Gift Box includes:

  • Coming up Roses, a peppy botanical blend that will make you smile.
  • Valentine Rose, an aged dark tea (in the shape of a heart) blended with a wisp of rose.  A favorite tea for many of our regulars!
  • White Champagne Raspberry, tantalizes the tongue with layers of flavor.


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