Trade Route Oolong Tea


This rolled leaf style oolong is rich in flavor and body. Organic with hints of citrus and a floral finish. Read the description below to learn more about this oolong.


Trade Route Oolong Tea

Trade Route Oolong Tea is a rolled leaf style oolong. This oolong hints of citrus and plum. The finish is both floral and buttery. The floral notes are reminisce of a Tieguanyin, yet a nutty flavor permeates like a Da Hang Pao. The aroma is that of honeysuckle petals, while the mouthfeel is creamy.

This Chinese oolong comes from the lower reaches of Jing Mai Mountain in Yunnan Province. The historic Horse Tea Trade routes intersperse the mountains in this region. We thought the name Trade Route aptly captured the feeling you get while traversing the roads and trails found on Jing Mai Mountain. Another fun fact about this tea is that while the tea is grown in China, the tea plants are actually from Taiwan. We think this oolong has a rich trade history as well as flavor!

Good for several steeps. This is a lighter tea on the oolong spectrum.

Organic Chinese oolong tea.


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