Sunrise in Kenya


A stout black tea that brews a seriously strong cup! Read the description below to learn more about this Kenyan black tea.


Sunrise in Kenya

Sunrise in Kenya is our Kenyan CTC black tea that carries a serious punch. CTC stands for “cut tear curl”, which means the tea leaf is cut to a very small size. This allows the tea to brew faster and stronger. The caffeine in the tea is released faster too.

As you might imagine with the boldness of this tea, it makes a great morning tea. CTC are typically drank with milk and sugar, if that’s how you like it. Full bodied and bold. This tea is also a good kombucha tea. If you’re into fermenting tea, this black is a good choice!

Sourced directly from the Nandi Hills in Kenya.

Kenyan black tea.



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  1. Heidi

    I live in Missoula, so I have tried most single origin teas and some blends from this company and have enjoyed each one. Since I love a strong breakfast tea with milk and sweetener, this Kenyan tea is my favorite. It tastes very fresh and has a bright, bold taste. I used to drink coffee as well, but since I started drinking this tea every morning, I’ve stopped coffee altogether.

    • Heather Kreilick (verified owner)

      Hi Heidi,
      Glad you found a new morning tea routine with our Sunrise in Kenya! LMTC

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