Sprinter’s Spritzer Tea




Sprinter’s Spritzer Tea

Sprinter’s Spritzer Tea (aka Endurance Blend, Run, Hike, Bike) is blended to enhance stamina and physical endurance.

With green tea, eleuthero, ginkgo, ginger, licorice, and hibiscus.  Each ingredient gives a specific boost to the blend.  Green tea helps with bone density and antioxidants; eleuthero brings muscle recovery, fatigue reduction, and overall mind body balance; ginger adds aids circulation and is anti inflammatory; ginkgo is good for circulation; licorice helps with adrenals and respiratory; while hibiscus adds vitamin C and flavor!

With layers of flavor, this blend is a kick in the cup.  The longer you steep this tea, the bolder the flavor.

Green tea*, eleuthero*, licorice*, ginger*, gogi berry*, hibiscus*, lemon myrtle*, ginkgo*, *organic.

Slight caffeine.






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