Silurian Sage


Bright spearmint and earthy rich sage abound in this black tea blend. Let this tea burst on your palate with savory goodness.


Silurian Sage is our new change in the seasons black blend. Spearmint brings a crisp tone, just like a fall cool morning. Sage offers a low, earthy note that ties the blend together. Elderberry tang floats on the edges of your tongue.

As you might know, Lake Missoula was a glacial lake from prehistoric times. For this reason, we occasionally fall back on geologic epochs to name our teas. The flavors in this tea sound and taste exciting, and that’s why we named this tea after the prehistoric epoch that exploded with life and geographic expansions. The Silurian period was a time of animal transformations, plant advancement to land, and mountain building on a tectonic scale.

Let this tea burst on your palate with savory goodness. Perhaps you’ll ponder the geologic past and the evolution of life on earth as we know it. If a tea can do that, we’ll be tickled!

Black tea, sage*, elderberry*, spearmint*, safflower*, flavor, *organic

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.


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