Pride Tea Box


A tea box that delivers the colors of Pride! June is Pride Month, and we are celebrating with gusto and flavor! Read the description below to learn more about our Pride Tea Box.



Pride Tea Box

Pride Tea Box comes with a Rainbow of Tea! We’re excited to offer this box that embraces the spectrum of sexuality, identity and uniqueness of each of us. Each tea we selected represents a different color of the rainbow, much like how each of us, regardless of gender or sexuality, are a part of the human rainbow.

June is the designated Pride month, and we’ve put together a box that embraces the Pride concept of dignity and equality for all. Keep these ideas in mind as you sip on these teas.

This box includes six teas and a steeper. There are two extra options to include a cup with strainer and or a Pride tank top t-shirt. This is a wide selection of premium blended and flavored tea. The tea novice and connoisseur alike will enjoy this selection of tea. Each tea included in the box steeps a color of the rainbow:

  • RED Q+ Tea Pleistocene Peach just like it sounds, peachy good
  • ORANGE Gold Star Queer Golden Milk is rich with turmeric, just add a milk of choice and honey
  • YELLOW Drag Brunch Mimosa Mimosa Oolong will knock your socks off, yes, it tastes like a mimosa
  • GREEN RainBowie Wild Strawberry Matcha tastes like a fresh strawberry and is oh so good for you
  • BLUE Queen LaTeafah Bodacious Blue brews a bold blue color and tastes of mint, lemon and mango
  • PURPLE RoyalTea Rift Valley Currant is our black currant blend with Kenyan teas and black currants

Options are:

  • Viva Minima Infuser Mug made of glass and metal, with a strainer and a lid
  • Tank Top Pride T-shirt designed to show your pride
  • Both a Viva Minima Infuser Mug and Tank Top Pride T-shirt

Our Pride Tea Box makes a great gift and is a fun way to embrace the Pride in your life. This tea box is packed and shipped from our tea shop in Missoula, Montana!


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