Mammoth Matcha




Mammoth Matcha

Mammoth Matcha is creamy smooth and has a vegetal aroma.  This matcha finishes with a delicate aftertaste.  Matcha is the tea traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Matcha is tea that has been shade grown approximately three weeks with its stems and veins removed.  Leaves are then ground into powdered form.  The powder is mixed with water and consumed in its entirety. Because the whole tea leaves are consumed, both nutrients and caffeine content are higher than infused teas. Matcha is what we call the power punch of green tea!

You can also incorporate matcha into recipes such as smoothies or baked goods.  Because the whole leaf is consumed, matcha has high chlorophyll (hence the fluorescent green color) antioxidants and vitamin content.

The tea master where this matcha is made was  the recipient of the Top Tea Connoisseur in Japan.  This company bypasses the Japanese government tea auctions and purchase their tea directly from the farmers. Tea farmers get a higher price for their tea and the tea manufacturer knows their teas source.

Mammoth Matcha is a Top Shelf tea.

Consider adding a Matcha Whisk to your online order!

Organic Japanese matcha.


Top Shelf
Top Shelf

Check out how we make matcha at the tea bar:

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