Shou Puerh Tea


This is a full-bodied puerh from Yunnan Province, China. It harbors a bold, earthy flavor and smooth texture. A great alternative to coffee! Read the description below to learn more about this puerh tea.



Shou Puerh Tea

Shou Puerh Tea, also known as “ripe” puerh, has a bold, earth-like flavor with a smooth texture. It does not easily become over bitter or astringent, making it rather forgiving to brew. You will notice its dark depth of color in both the leaves and the liquor. This puerh is also whole leaf rather than pressed, and the leaves can be brewed multiple times. A cup of this tea offers a rich, full-bodied taste, making it a good alternative for thoes wanting to steer away from coffee.

This tea comes from Jingmai Mountain, in the Yunnan provence of China, where tea trees grow in a natural, rainforest environment. The farm this tea comes from is located along the ancient tea horse trade route, where trade between tea and horses took place centuries ago. As the tea was transported over many miles and treacherous passes (often carried by people on foot), the tea fermented and developed layers of complexity. Although puerh tea is not traded in exactly the same way, this complexity has been maintained overtime. Puerh tea today is just as exotic and neuanced as it was during ancient trad route days and still boasts the rich flavors of the past.

This puerh is a great tea to use while brewing kombucha.

Hand picked from the ancient tea trees of Jingmai Mountain.

Organic Chinese puerh tea.


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  1. Arlene

    Good tea, earthy flavor, feels good to my stomach. It is one of my favorites!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Arlene, so good to hear you enjoy this tea!

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