A tropical fruit front flavor and spicy finish make this a tea that delivers layers of deliciousness. And it reminds us that all our ways of being make us a rich human race! Read the description below to learn more about this limited edition tea.




LGBTea is both fruity and spicy at the same time. Tropical fruit permeates while the spice lingers in your mouth.

This special edition tea was designed for Pride Month and represents our support of all of us, no matter how or who we love. We recognize that our diversity makes us a richer human race of which we are all  a part.

We think the two extremes of flavor – both fruity and spicy – illustrate the spectrum of sexuality, identity and uniqueness of each of us.

Black tea, rooibos, coconut, blue cornflowers, pink peppercorn, flavor.

Caffeine (slight). A made in Montana tea blend.


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