Lemon Myrtle


Love lemon? This is the best lemon tea you can find. The flavor is the stupendous and leaves you wanting more. Read the description below to learn more about this powerful herbal tea.


Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle tea is simply the best lemon herbal ever. Strong lemon flavor with a smooth and rounded flavor. Love a hint of lemon? add a pinch of lemon myrtle to your black tea before brewing. It is with no exaggeration when we say this is our favorite lemon tea.

A high percentage of citrol gives this tea a stronger lemon flavor than lemongrass. The lemon myrtle leaf has antiseptic and anti-viral properties. The tea can be calming and good to drink before going to bed. May also help with keeping things moving regularly. Who know something so naturally good for you could taste this good!

Lemon myrtle, or Backhousia citriodora (so named by botanist James Backhouse in 1853), is endemic to Australia.  Myrtle flakes are commonly used to add zest to food such as pasta, scones and fish.

This tea carries the Women in Tea symbol. The farm this botanical comes from is owned by Wendy. She bought this farm in Australia in 2015. She worked day and night to turn a previously in the red farm into a profit making investment. She implemented organic farming methods, trained her staff, and implemented an annual pay raise program. Lake Missoula Tea Company is proud to source a product of this quality from this farm.

Organic Australian lemon myrtle.

Caffeine free.

Women in tea symbol.

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