Keemun Black Snail




Keemun Black Snail

Keemun Black Snail is velvety and smooth.  Hints of dired apricot and other stone fruits add a hint of sweet.  Full bodied, this tea’s quickly become a favorite at the tea shop.

This tea comes from Keemun County, in Huangshang City, Anhui Province. The farm is owned by Mr. Zhang, who with more than 30 years in tea cultivation, produces one of our finest black teas. Keemun tea contains myrcenol, an essential oil also found in lavender. And it has gerianol, an aromatic element found in rose oil.

Black Snail is one of our most beautiful teas. The leaf is distinctively curled and small. With a tight curl and consistent leaf, this Keemun will melt in your mouth.

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Chinese organic black tea.




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