Kava Kava Root Powder


Kava Kava can create an overall relaxed feeling.  May lighten feelings of anxiety and help with sleep.



Kava Kava Root Powder

Kava Kava Root Powder has a mellowing, calming mood effect.  This root, in powder form, is also known to help reduce stress.

This Pacific Island root powder can create an overall relaxed feeling.  It may help you get to sleep. Many of our customers swear that it helps with anxiety. In addition, many use it as an alternative to alcohol. You may notice your lips go a little numb. Overall, kava kava can produce a relaxed state without the loss of cognitive function.

Brewed kava kava has an earthy taste. After brewing your kava kava, you may want to add a fruit juice or mix with another tea to enhance the flavor.

Kava kava has deep traditional roots in the Pacific Island cultures where it is used recreationally and in certain social settings sucha as funerals and weddings.

While kava kava is said to orignate in Papau New Guinea or Vanuatu, our kava kava comes from the Pacific Island of Vanuatu.  Kavalactones is the active ingredient that give kava kava its sedative, euphoric properties. The kava kava roots are generally harvested at 4 years for higher concentrations of kavalactones emerge as the plant ages.

Kava kava is growing in popularity in the United States.  Many use kava kava as an alternative to drinking alcohol and smoking.  Drinking kava kava can be a social ritual and lowers anxiety.

Vanuatuan kava kava root powder, Borugu variety.

Caffeine free.


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