Irish Breakfast


A stout and hearty black tea blend designed to bring you morning clarity! Read the description below to learn more about this breakfast blend.



Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast is a brisk blend of classic black teas. Aptly named for the hearty Irish, who love their tea brisk, bold and often! If you’re lucky enough to visit the Emerald Isle, you’ll quickly learn the Irish like their tea very strong and stout. In fact, the Irish drink the most tea in the world per capita only after the Turks. Their average consumption rate is over 2 kilos of black (most often) tea a year. If you’re someone who likes your tea strong and black, then this tea is perfect for you!

This black tea is great with milk and sugar to soften the edge. Or take it without, making a it hardy black.

Chinese, Kenyan and Colombian black tea.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.


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