Himalayan Muscatel




Himalayan Muscatel

Himalayan Muscatel is a beautiful tea that comes from the base of the Himalayas in Darjeeling District, India.  The taste is exquisite with a Darjeeling classic “muscatel” finish.  Other words to define this tea’s unique flavor are woody and artichoke.  This hand picked, artisan leaf is irrefutably a Top Shelf Tea.

This tea carries the Women in Tea symbol.  The farm this tea comes from is owned by a woman, which is virtually unheard of in India.  Women and men are promoted equally at this tea estate.  Additionally, the estate provides animal corridors that allow elephants, tigers and more to move through the estate without harm.  Himalayan Muscatel is certified Elephant Friendly.  Think of these attributes as you drink this tea.  Good things are happening on the ground all the way to your cup!

Organic Indian black tea.


Women in Tea
Women in Tea
Top Shelf
Top Shelf

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