Heritage Green


A sweet tasting green tea. With hints of sugar cane, absolutely no astringency, organic. Read the description below to learn more.


Heritage Green

Heritage Green tea is smooth, rich, and fruity with mango and peach aromas, with hints of sugar cane and absolutely no astringency. This is our mot popular single source green tea. The region this tea comes from is under consideration as a World Heritage site, hence its name.

This exquisite tea comes from Jingmai Mountain, a region in southern Yunnan where the 700 to 1,000 year old ancient tea trees grow. This green tea has been handpicked to ensure quality by the Dai  people for millennia. In addition, the ancient tea trees thrive in a diverse forest that provide rich antioxidants and nutrients.

Organic Chinese green tea.


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  1. Steve

    This is a truly enjoyable tea lacking any astringency and noting a subtle fruitiness. My wife and I enjoy a cup of this often.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Steve, that’s exactly how we think about Heritage Green! We’re so lucky to have a green that retains its sweetness without going bitter. Thank you for sharing, LMTC

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