Halimun Mountain Green & White Tea


This high mountain Indonesian tea tastes sweet and creamy. The tea is completely free of astringency. Read the description below to learn more about this tea.


Halimun Mountain Green & White Tea

Halimun Mountain Green Tea is direct sourced organic green tea that grows high up in the beautiful, steep mountains of southern Java, Indonesia. The tea is grown on a small scale, artisan tea farm where it is hand picked and processed on site by locals from the nearby village. The tea farm is nestled at the top of the mountain with tremendous views of the ocean and the adjacent Mount Halimun Salak National Park, which this tea is named after.

This tea comes in three leaf styles: open, rolled or premium. Halimun Mountain Green comes in either open or rolled leaf style. The taste is floral, light and delicious.

Halimun Mountain Green & White is our premium tea. It tastes sweet and creamy, with a wonderful, rich mouth feel finish. A floral aroma and back flavor permeates.  This tea is easy to brew with no astringency.

Read more about where this tea comes from:

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Organic Indonesian green tea.




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