Fellow Corvo Electric Water Heater


A speedy heating kettle that allows you to select the degree you want between 135°F to 212°F. Has a slick and modern feel. Read the description below to learn more.


Fellow Corvo Electric Water Heater

Fellow Corvo Electric Water Heater is a quick heating water kettle. This kettle is loaded with cool features to help you brew your tea in style. No more waiting for the stove top kettle to heat your water! This kettle is efficient, reliable, and slick.

You select the temperature you want between 135°F and 212°F by turning the knob. Comes with a built-in stop watch, so you can brew the perfect cup of tea! Use the Hold Mode to keep your water at the desired temperature. This mode keeps your water hot for 60 minutes.

Made of stainless steel, the Corvo has a modern, clean-looking feel. The black color will accent any kitchen decor. Elevate your tea experience, elevate your day!

Holds 3.75 cups, can set to °F or °C, stands 9.2 inches high by 8.7 inches wide, and the cord is 25ft long.



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