Earl Grey Red Tea




Earl Grey Red Tea

Earl Grey Red Tea is a decadent and delicious earl grey blend.  This earl grey is the perfect balance of bergamot and the safflower provides a hint of softness.  This blend is a must have for the tea cabinet.  The bergamot flavor comes from a Mediterranean citrus.  They hit it on the head when Earl Grey tea was created because it happens to be the most popular blend world wide.

Indian black tea, bergamot flavor with safflower.



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  1. Barbara Barnes

    I’ve long been a fan and amateur connoisseur of Earl Grey. Being addicted to bergamot and the lasting aroma taste is part of the motivation. Earl Grey Red gives me all the pleasure of traditional Earl Grey with the subtle twist of saffron. Oh my gosh. Pure LOVE. Thank you!!!

  2. James Williams

    This tea is a discovered treasure for many. So glad so many folks love this tea!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi James,
      Glad you found this tea! We have a lot of folks who cherish this earl grey! thank you for the review, LMTC

  3. Marla L Mohatt

    Classic Earl Grey and this Red are my favorites. I discovered Lake Missoula Tea while traveling in MT. I live in WY, but either order or have a friend pick up tea for me when she travels to Missoula. I can barely stand to drink a cup of tea from a regular bag anymore, there is just no comparison in taste. I am sure I would be a regular at the store, trying every black tea you have if I lived in Missoula.

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