Dom Dom Bodo Assam Elephant Friendly Tea


With slight astringency and malt, a bold black from Assam, India. Tones of molasses with citrus. Read the description below to learn more about this tea.


Dom Dom Bodo Assam Elephant Elephant Friendly Tea

Dom Dom Bodo Assam Elephant Friendly Tea is a slightly astringent, bold black from Assam, India.  With a robust taste, this black hits the spot for those of you who want a punch in your black. With hints of molasses with citrus and raisin undertones, this is a popular tea.

The Dom Dom Bodo Assam is named after the sound of the elephants walking. Elephants passing through this farm without harm are common sight. This tea comes from Bodoland, Assam, India, from a certified Elephant Friendly  tea farm.

The Elephant Friendly tea farm ensures minimal harm to elephants. This tea farm is free of electric fences and deep ditches.  Habitat corridors provide safe passage for elephants, and bio pesticides (plants to ward off pests) are used. Learn more about Elephant Friendly tea.

Listen to an NPR story about this tea farm.

Organic black tea.



  1. Gene Ammarell (verified owner)

    Assam tea doesn’t get any better than this! So glad I discovered you. Keep up the good work.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Gene,
      Thank you for the sweet note and thrilled you like our Assam tea! LMTC

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