Creamy Coconut Pouchong Oolong Tea




Creamy Coconut Pouchong Oolong Tea

Creamy Coconut Pouchong Oolong Tea is a bonafide palette pleaser.   Pouchong, or Bao Zhong, is lightly oxidized oolong tea.  Creamy Coconut melts in your mouth with the coconut milk flavor.

This delicious pouchong tea has a creamy, nutty coconut aroma and taste.  Floral and fruity are the front flavors while it finishes with a lovely, lingering nutty toastiness.  Nearly everyone that samples this tea wants a cup!

Taiwanese oolong, flavor.


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  1. Kalen

    This tea is to die for! It’s creamy, it’s coco-nutty, wonderfully smooth and buttery. A perfect tea for an afternoon drive or a delicious, relaxing comfort tea first thing in the morning to enjoy with a good book. This tea is fantastic!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Kalen, Glad you found Creamy Coconut Pouchong. We agree, it’s a one of kind stupendous tea!

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