Chicago Steel Tea Tumbler


Designed with your to go tea needs in mind. The strainer is long and drops deep into the branded vessel for the best tea brewing.


Chicago Steel Tea Tumbler

Chicago Steel Tea Tumbler is designed with your on the go tea needs in mind. We added our brand to this tea steeping device, and it pops with the black and pink colors. The color options and overall look are modern. The strainer is long and drops deep into the vessel for optimal tea brewing. The strainer is both easy to remove and mess free!

Our Chicago Steel Tea Tumblers are so popular in store that we’ve released them on our online tea shop. We’re happy to report that this Grosche Tumbler is not only majority woman owned, but also gives proceeds to safe water projects worldwide, as well as a tree planting project and Habitat for Humanity. The purchase of this teaware partly funds these social and humanitarian projects.

Chicago Steel Tea Tumbler comes in 2 color designs. We do our best to keep all color options stocked. Please have a backup color in mind if needed!

Enjoy your on the go lifestyle with this sleek and modern tea tumbler!



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