Bogota Breakfast Blend


This black blend delivers exquisite flavor when you most need it, in the morning! The taste is complex with hints of cocoa. Read the description below to learn more about this breakfast blend tea.



Bogota Breakfast Blend

Bogota Breakfast Blend is a superb blend of two beautiful black teas, our rich Colombian black tea and a slightly dry Darjeeling black tea from Nuxalbari Tea Estate. A cup of this is stupendous tea full of flavor depth and complexity. Hints of cocoa make this a slightly sweet breakfast blend. Brew longer if you like your tea a little brisker in the morning.

A pot of this black tea will transport you to Bogota, the most populated city at this elevation (over 1.5 miles high!). Bogota is located in the center of Colombia on the high elevation Andean savannah. This capital city is immense, and what focuses you to the city center is the mountain of Monserrate. You can go to the top of Monserrate by walking or taking a cable car up the mountain to see the church, found at the top. Elaborate street art can be seen at every turn as you explore Bogota, where each piece of art tells a story.

While the teas in this blend come from farms on opposite sides of the globe, they have several values in common. Both are earnest about the environment and are engaged in reforestation on their estates and regions. The reforestation creates wildlife corridors throughout the tea farms. In addition, both farms value education and support programs for both adults and children. We are proud to carry tea from both of these farms.

Black tea.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.


  1. Jackalynn (verified owner)

    I keep coming back for the Bogota blend. It is smooth and nuanced with a fine depth of flavor and a hint of natural sweetness. I love it!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Jackalynn, so glad you noticed the Bogota Breakfast! We think it’s so good we will switch it to our English Breakfast. If you can’t find it, it’s because we switched the name to English Breakfast! Thank you for the review, LMTC

  2. Thom Holderman (verified owner)

    Awesome breakfast tea and gets me going for the day

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Thom, ya, we couldn’t agree more, Bogota Breakfast is a great blend. Thank you for the feedback, LMTC

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