Blue Gaiwan with Cups


One blue gaiwan and two blue cups are a fun way to brew whole leaf tea. The tea will unfold with each steep. Read the description below to learn more about this style of brewing.

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Blue Gaiwan with Cups

Blue Gaiwan with Cups is fun to brew puerh and other premium, whole leaf teas. Use the gaiwan for fast, multiple steeps. Taste the change in flavor with each additional steep. Great to brew with others or by yourself. The style of brewing and drinking tea uses a larger proportion of tea to a small amount of water. This allows for the tea to be steeped multiple times. The flavor develops with each subsequent steep until the flavor is gone. This is a great way to pass the time with friends. Or set up your gaiwan, curl up with a book and brew your tea as you turn the pages.

Brewing your tea with a gaiwan is a style of tea brewing called Gong Fu. Gong Fu is a ritualistic style of Chines tea brewing with a focus on the details and patterns of making tea.

Blue, clay gaiwan, two cups.


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