Belly Tea


Belly Tea could have been named Stomache Tea, Nausea Tea, Red Raspberry Tea.  With raspberry leaf, all kinds of lemon and rose, oatstraw, dandelion root, and spearmint.



Belly Tea

Belly Tea could have been named Stomach Tea, Nausea Tea, Anti Nervous Tea, and Red Raspberry Tea.  We think Belly Tea covers it all.  This blend helps with stomach nausea.

Aside from helping with your stomach, it tastes great.  You don’t need to be nauseous to enjoy this tea!

Raspberry leaf is said to provide tension release in uterus and pelvis; dandelion root is known as a detoxifier and digestion aide; lemon balm reports many uses including as an antidepressant, nerve relief, antihistamine, respiratory healing, antibacterial and digestion aide.  Finally, oatstraw is known to boost immunity and energy, provide antioxidant and antibiotic properties and has vitamins A, D, E, and zinc.

Raspberry leaf*, spearmint*, rose petals*, rosehips*, dandelion root*, oatstraw*, lemon balm*, lemongrass*, lemon myrtle*, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea.

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  1. Andrea

    This tea is fantastic! It helps with nausea, bloating, stomach cramping, etc. It is my go-to and works much better than the OTC meds. Pepto ain’t got nothing on this tea!

    • Heather Kreilick

      So glad Belly Tea helps! Thank you for sharing.

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