Beliote Black


Full body flavor, with good balance of bold flavor and a hint of caramel. Read the description below to learn more.



Beliote Black

Beliote Black is black tea from Kapsimotwa Gardens in Nandi Hills, Kenya, is superb. Full body flavor, with a good balance of bold flavor and a hint of caramel. This tea stands on its own and needs no milk or sugar. Drink this tea in the morning and in the afternoon for a pick me up.

Belio or Beliot means elephant in Nandi, which is one of the many languages spoken in Kenya. We added the “e” to make it easier to read and say in English. This tea represents what Lake Missoula Tea Company strives to offer – artisan, quality, great tasting tea with fair compensation given to farmers and pickers.

For a strong black tea, Beliote Black is a great choice!

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Organic Kenyan black tea.


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