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Puerh is aged Chinese tea and was the tea used in the ancient tea trade routes.

About Puerh

Puerh comes from the class of tea called dark tea.  Dark tea is produced all over China, while puerh comes from Yunnan.  Puerh tea is probiotic and known to help with digestion, cholesterol, weight loss, and hangovers.  The net effect is better digestion and possible weight loss.  Puerh is sometimes referred to as the Chinese slimming tea.  This tea has a musty aroma and smooth flavor.  Wonderful tea for midday or after dinner.  This is the one tea that improves and becomes more complex with age.  If you ever travelled in China and drank tea that was broken off from a brick, you likely were drinking puerh tea.  Read more about puerh tea.

Our Sources

Puerh originates out of Yunnan Province, China. In fact there is a town in Yunnan called Puerh City.  We carry straight puerhs, both ripe and raw, as well as several puerh blends.  You can buy this tea online from the list below.