Potter-in-Residence Program

Lake Missoula Tea Company values artisan, highly-crafted teas and we are excited to promote equally crafted local tea ware. Both Clay Studio of Missoula and University of Montana are integral partners with Lake Missoula Tea Company.  We continue this partnership with our Potter-in-Residence program.

The Potter-in-Residence Program offers in-store shelf-space and Art Talk opportunities to local tea ware potters affiliated with these two organizations. While priority is given to those in those two organizations, others are also considered.

Come see what our local potters are up to and if you would like to participate, we welcome you to APPLY!

For each resident we offer:

  • A shelf dedicated to sell and display your tea ware for three months. The display shelf is 1’d x3’l x1’h.
  • Art Talk Interview
  • Facebook Introduction Video post
  • Advertising on social media
  • Artist information on our website
  • 60% of sales

In-return, we ask for:

  • 30% of in-store sales (other 10% goes to the Clay Studio or UMECA, depending)
  • A commitment from the artist to promptly restock/rotate the work as needed


  1. Priority is given for those affiliated with the Clay Studio of Missoula (member/resident in the last year) and UM Ceramics Department (student or faculty). Others are welcome to apply though.
  2. Make functional tea ware, i.e. tea cups w/ or w/o saucers, mugs, tumblers, teapots
  3. Be capable and willing to do a short, recorded introduction (for social media post).
  4. Be capable and willing to promptly restock tea ware as needed

Apply online or download application