Nuxalbari Tea Estate – Haven for Elephants

This from Sonia Jabbar, owner of Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling District, India:

“Yesterday the Forest Dept. staff drove this herd of around 32 elephants out of Tukriajhar Forest. Chased by villagers, they ran into Nuxalbari and visibly relaxed once they entered. Our security was ready and safe passage ensured. But the elephants did not run further. They stayed in Section LB5E near the stream, bathing, foraging and relaxing until 10 PM. We watched from afar, delighting in the antics of the babies under the moonlight. Then they moved out to our eastern boundary into UCC Forest.”

Lake Missoula Tea Company is a proud purchaser of Nuxalbari Teas. In fact, when you buy any of our Earl Grey teas, including Earl Grey Blue, and our other flavored black blends, you support Nuxalbari’s efforts to create a safe haven for elephants. We encourage you to use this consumer power to forward the work Nuxalbari Tea Estate does for elephants.

For more information on teas from this estate, visit:… This video is the property of Nuxalbari Tea Estate and Lake Missoula Tea Company was given permission to use this video.

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