Mushroom Tea: A Coffee Alternative

An Idea

Wow! This tea was a long time in the making. A few years ago, a few of our staff mentioned they really liked mushrooms and their healing nature. So we bought some chaga and started adding it to our blends. Chaga is a fungi that typically grows on birch trees in the northern climes of Alaska, Minnesota and Canada. But while chaga in its raw form is a good blend balancer and flavor absorber, it doesn’t offer the same health benefits you can get from the extracted form of chaga. In addition, it is a limited resource, so we cut back on chaga in our blends and decided to dig deeper into what a mushroom tea might look like.

Instant Mushroom Tea Development

At the same time, on our wholesale side of things, we had several companies asking us for a coffee alternative. Slowly, we started taste testing different mushrooms and instant teas. We found a mushroom extract source and ordered samples. And then we got excited about this powdered tea blend! The taste was extraordinary! The pieces started to come together, and we knew we were on to something.

The Final Product

What we ended up with was not where we started. This powdered tea is rich in mushrooms, or mushies, along with a good dose of cacao, black tea, and endurance aiding ashwagandha. A smidge of salt accentuates the flavor and a dash of pepper gives it a little pop.

The Mushrooms

There are four mushrooms in this blend, and each comes with healthy, desirable, sought after attributes. The descriptions scratch the surface of what they might offer:

  • chaga- anti inflammatory
  • cordyceps- immunity booster
  • lion’s mane- dementia and anxiety blocker
  • adaptogenic reishi- immunity booster and sleep enhancer

Loaded with Goodness

Drink a cup of our mushroom tea and see you how you feel. Be warned, you might find your self up past your bedtime! We found this rich brew both stimulates and intoxicates! With the sharpness and mouthfeel of coffee, but with the long-lasting calming yet focusing effect of tea, our mushroom tea hits the spot when you just want more.

Don’t take our word for it! Try Mushies Instant Cup out for yourself, and tell us what you think.

Mushies' Instant Cup
Mushies’ Instant Cup
Mushies' Instant Cup
Mushies’ Instant Cup
Mushies' Instant Cup
Mushies’ Instant Cup
Mushies' Instant Cup
Mushies’ Instant Cup

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2 thoughts on “Mushroom Tea: A Coffee Alternative

  1. This tea is amazing ! The perfect cup to start my day. Feels like just enough caffeine without the dreaded jitters that traditional coffee gives me. Whatever ingredient helps drive that focus has really helped me zone into my work and academics as a college student ! Do you have any other product recommendations? Additionally how much caffeine is it per serving I only ask as my sister has to watch caffeine intake and wanted to get an answer before I recommended 🙂

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