Keep it Cool with Chilled Tea!

When it’s hot out, take advantage of the heat to enjoy some chilled tea. Experience your favorite hot teas as a cold refreshment with your outdoor adventures.

Chilled Tea Pairings

In the U.S. 85% of all tea consumed is chilled or iced tea, of which black tea is a whopping 80%! The cookbook with the first printed recipe for chilled tea originates in the 1840’s from Kentucky. Black tea has a myriad of polyphenols, which may aide gut and heart health. The caffeine keeps you focused and can spark motivation. Chilled black teas make great Arnold Palmers (half tea/ half lemonade) for afternoon get-togethers or a non-alcoholic beverage. Our favorite chilled black teas are:

Birdsong Black | Mammoth Red | Sunshine Daydream | Mango Love Not War | Creamsicle Crush

Of the 85%, green tea comprises 16%. This is due to the added benefits it provides like antioxidants, caffeine, and other invigorating properties. Chilling green tea will boost endurance and energy levels while participating in activities such as: mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, or any sport.

Our favorite chilled green teas include:

Moroccan Mint  | Sprinter’s Spritzer  | Jurassic Ginger Green  | Jasmine Green

Lounging on a raft, at the beach, in your backyard, or strolling the farmer’s market; we prefer green blends with fruit tones:

Green Tea Colada  | Sakura Cherry  | Para-Sara Peach | Rainforest Fruit Green | Apricot Green

Up until the early 20th century, China was the world’s dominate tea exporter. However, once chilled and iced tea became popularized, stiff competition developed in Africa and South America.Other popular teas that should be included in your chilled tea arsenal:

Oolongs, which are partially oxidized and considered by many to be the best tea in the world make great chilled teas too!

Mimosa Oolong | Ginseng Oolong | GABA Oolong

Great caffein-free rooibos options include:

Blood Orange | Go-Go Calypso | Gin & Cream

Take time for non-caffeinated chilled herbal/botanical tea! Bring a good botanical chilled tea to an outdoor movie, enjoy it on an evening walk, or offer it up at a backyard hangout as an alcohol alternative. A concentrated botanical infusion can also be a fun ingredient in cocktails or mocktails. The health benefits of drinking herbal infusions are vast so pick a tea that calls to you:

A few of my Favorite Things | Uplift  Skin GlowSweet Rhapsody ‘n Rose | Who Chic  Spicy Ginger Snap | Pleistocene Peach

Preparing Chilled Tea

Our chilled tea is brewed hot with 50% of the required water. Only after the tea has steeped do we strain into the remaining 50% using ice water. Then refrigerate! This ensures flavor enhancement from premium loose-leaf tea compared to cold brewed teas in pouch packaging such as Lipton and Nestle.

How to prepare chilled tea.

The possibilities are endless with chilled tea. Whether you want to cool down during your summer activities or amp up your afternoon relaxation, there is a chilled tea for every occasion!

Written by Boo Curry & Adam Lunday

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6 thoughts on “Keep it Cool with Chilled Tea!

  1. I’m enjoying Rift Valley Currant as a chilled tea! I love its enticing purple color, and with ice cubes floating in it like little ice bergs, it delivers immediate relief from this crazy, record-breaking heat wave we’re having. I like the great ideas posted on this blog – with these temps, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to try more chilled flavors.
    Thanks for the awesome teas!!!!!

  2. Has anyone had Honey Bear chilled and hot?! Great both ways. Lake Missoula does a phenomenal job hand picking teas for both summer & winter!

  3. My partner and I bought a growler a couple summers ago and love coming in to snag an Arnold Palmer mix with any chilled tea available. Our current fav chilled is the Andean Princess!
    Thank you LMTC! Kind staff, wholesome tea.

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