Keep it Cool with Chilled Tea!

As summer reaches it pinnacle, we all strive to get outside and make the most of the warm time remaining at the northern latitudes. One great way to simultaneously fuel your sunny, outdoor activities while cooling off, no matter where you are, is to reach for your favorite chilled tea! Chilled tea is a perfect for picnics, long bike rides, rafting and camping trips, and almost any of life’s adventures. Just as beer or wine pairs wonderfully with food, tea can be the perfect companion to your various endeavors. We share great pairings to jog your thinking about the versatility of chilled tea.

Enjoy strenuous activities like mountain biking, long hikes, climbs, or play on a sports team? We recommend chilling green tea to boost your endurance and energy levels. Our favorite enlivening green teas to chill include:

Moroccan Mint  | Sprinter’s Spritzer  | Jurasic Ginger Green  | Saber Tooth Green

All our greens are blended with premium green tea and contain plenty of antioxidants and caffeine to get you up and keep you moving! Along with refreshing botanicals to create revitalizing and harmoniously hydrating drinks, these green teas invigorate.

Lounging on a raft, at the beach, in your backyard, or strolling the farmer’s market? We prefer green blends with fruit tones:

Green Tea Colada with lemon, mango and coconut flavors! | Sakura Cherry | Apricot Green | Para-Sara Peach | Rainforest Fruit Green

Oolongs and Rooibos crowd favorites to include in your chilled tea arsenal:

Jasmine Orange Melange blend of green, white, and rooibos balanced with bright orange notes | Strawberries ‘n Cream OolongCitron Oolong

Admire and crave deep and bold black teas? Drinking chilled black tea can be a monumental part of your day and loved ritual. Try chilled black tea when waking up as a cold brew coffee alternative. Or drink it throughout the day while working from home or reading a good book. Black tea has a myriad of polyphenols, which may aide gut and heart health. It’s high in caffeine, keeping you focused and motivated. Chilled black teas make great Arnold Palmers (a mix of tea and lemonade) for afternoon get-togethers or a non-alcoholic beverage option at a BBQ! Our favorite chilled black teas are:

Birdsong BlackMammoth Red  Sunshine Daydream | Mango Love Not War | Creamsicle Crush

Last but certainly not least, take time for chilled herbal or botanical tea! Botanicals help us chill out (since they usually lack caffeine), and we can all use some down time once and a while. Bring a good botanical chilled tea to an outdoor movie, enjoy it on an evening walk, or offer it up at a backyard hangout as an alcohol alternative. A concentrated botanical infusion can also be a fun ingredient in cocktails or mocktails. The health benefits of drinking herbal infusions are vast (depending on the herb of course), so pick a tea that calls to you:

A few of my Favorite ThingsUplift both light, refreshing, and may help digest after dinner | Skin Glow, Sweet Rhapsody ‘n RoseWho Chic all wonderful stand-alone chilled teas, while Spicy Ginger SnapPleistocene Peach are fun to add to other drinks.

The possibilities are truly endless with chilled tea. Like most blogs, this is meant to get you thinking! For any tea novice OR enthusiast, chilled tea is a great way to enjoy teas you already like, or a good time to try something new. Really love a certain tea?  Try it cold and see how the flavor changes. Whether you want to cool down during your summer activities or amp up your afternoon relaxation, there is a chilled tea for every occasion!

Written by Boo Curry

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