International Women’s Day and Tea

Why is International Women’s Day important?  It’s an opportunity to recognize women in our personal and professional lives.  While women have always been an integral part of tea, their culture can often determine what a woman’s role in tea will be.  This year we took a snapshot of all the women we could find pictures of that impact Lake Missoula Tea Company.  They come from all over the globe and their roles are as varied as the places from which they come.  I’m sure we’ve left a few out, and we didn’t have photos of everyone.

  • Two of these women are the wives of tea farmers.  One of them sells their tea in her local shop and they both help process the tea.
  • One of these women helped bring Kenyan Purple to North America.  She has since passed away but her memory and enthusiasm stay with us.
  • Three women own tea shops, two in Taiwan and one in China.
  • Three of these women used to be tea tenders at our tea bar and still send ideas and teas back to the our shop.
  • One of these women received the Nari Shakti 2018 award from the Indian president for wildlife conservation on her tea estate.
  • Two women manage educational outreach programs for their tea farm communities.
  • One woman is our lead tea blender.
  • Two of these women recently became citizens of the United States, one we contract with and the other works directly in the tea shop.
  • One of these women is my kombucha consultant.
  • One is our online sales manager.
  • One is a physicist and our database lead.
  • Three run and or manage multi million dollar tea companies.
  • One is a tea picker.

All of these women have contributed to the success of Lake Misosula Tea Company.

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