How to choose a tea for your kombucha

So, you’ve discovered you love kombucha and you want to start making your own home brew? A key ingredient that is often overlooked but is so important to the flavor is the tea you choose.  There’s a ton of tea out there and picking just one  for your kombucha might seem intimidating. While we won’t tell you how to brew your kombucha, we can give you some solid advice on how to choose which teas to use.

Consider these tips to make the best tea selection for your kombucha:

  • Pick a tea you like. The tea is the base for your kombucha. Whether you do a second ferment or not, starting with a tea base you like is important.
  • Choose a tea your are comfortable brewing. When you make the tea for your kombucha, you should make it so it tastes good. We don’t recommend over brewing or making it too strong.   Your tea should be good enough to drink, whether you ferment it or not. Choose a tea you know how to brew – remember temperature and steeping time are two major factors when brewing tea.  We recommend 5g of loose leaf per 16 ounces of tea (or 40g per one gallon).
  • Quality tea often gives a “cleaner” taste.  Brewing with a quality tea improves your kombucha flavor. We have even found some teas are flavorful enough on their own so there is no second ferment needed.

Here are a few suggestions from our tea selection we have enjoyed brewing with:

Black –  Colombian BlackLet er Buck, Big Sky BlackSangamon
Green – Heritage GreenDragonwell
White – Pai Mu Tan
Puerh – Shou Puerh
Oolong – TieguanyinBlack Pearl

Keep in mind there is no right or wrong tea, and some might taste better to you than others. The tea you like is always the best one for your kombucha.

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written by Tashina and Heather Kreilick

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