Honey Bear Rooibos, a Cup of Sweetness

While we carry man rooibos blends, our Honey Bear Rooibos is popular with both adults and kids. Honey Bear is a rooibos blend with bee pollen and fenugreek. Rooibos is an herbal plant endemic to South Africa and has a robust taste similar to that of tea. It is antioxidant rich and has a full bodiness to it that makes it a satisfying beverage to drink. Bee pollen is anti inflammatory, antioxidant rich and helps immunity. It’s also said to reduce stress and aide in healing.  Fenugreek gives a maple syrup, nutty sweet flavor while lowering blood sugar. The overall effect is a rich, layered, honey flavored “tea”.

This blend is warming, caffeine free and cozy like a hibernating honey bear!

This rooibos blend is popular. Adults find Honey Bear as tasty and delicious as kids do. Brew at 205 degrees (just under boiling) for 7 minutes for the best honey rich flavor! Drink anytime of day, as this caffeine free brew won’t keep you up at night. If you like honey, this blend was made just for you!

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