Gift Directly Sourced Tea!

Lake Missoula Tea Company sources our true teas directly, and the majority of our sources come from small farms. Directly sourced tea gets the leaf to costumers faster and fresher! Direct sourcing fosters trust and supports the communities from where the tea is grown. We know that the tea we source is organically grown and premium quality.

Quality, premium tea hosts a myriad of health benefits.  These can include weight loss and heart health. In addition, drinking tea daily has been shown to provide the human body with vitality and longevity boosting properties.  High amounts of antioxidants and increased bone density are some of these health other properties.

We strive to source tea from farms that have the health of their community, the planet, and all its inhabitants in mind. These tea plant photos were taken at Bitaco Tea in Cali, Colombia.  The organically grown tea thrives and biodiversity initiatives are implemented.

Intentional gifts such as directly sourced, organic tea provides the recipient with benefits in the physical, mental, and global realms.  Health, vitality and joy – tea makes a truly well rounded gift!

Written by Boo Curry and Uriah Kreilick

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