Flowering Teas – get your Double Happiness at Lake Missoula Tea Company

Flowering, or blooming, tea consists of a bundle of tea leaves wrapped and bound around dried flowers. It is considered an art of folding tea in some circles.  The flowering tea is often purposefully unlabeled so that people will not know what to expect when the tea leaves unfurl.

Some teas are assembled and hand sewn by artisans and is referred to as performance or decorative tea. Blooming teas are often made in Yunnan, China. Flowers commonly used are globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, hibiscus, and omanthus. The possibilities are endless.

Our Double Happiness tea has a two chrysanthemum, one amaranth globe, and jasmine flowers hand wrapped in Chinese green tea.  The Double Happiness is brewed in a glass pot so you can watch it blossom.

written by Lauren Donat

flowering tea
image by Geneva Liimatta
image by Geneva Liimatta

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