Art Display

Art Display

Lake Missoula Tea Company holds a First Friday reception for a local artist monthly. Artists get exposure in a fun and intimate environment. We alternate the focus monthly between our two-dimensional artists and our Potters-in-Residence. Shows feature both emerging and established artists. APPLY NOW.

2D art specifics:

  • Shows feature conceptually/stylistically unified sets of framed or mounted pieces
  • Work should be hung with wire/clips from nails from a runner board at 8.5’ high
  • Individual pieces should be between 16-24” in dimension for best viewing
  • Large font (20-25) labels work well
  • There should be enough work to span approximately 30’ (divided into three walls)

Other specifics:

  • We will advertise the event through various media channels.  We’ll use artist-provided content to print a show statement/bio to post in the store as well.
  • Show installation, by the artist, is on the Tuesday/Wednesday prior to the event. The show runs for two months.
  • The First Friday reception runs from 5-8pm. Artists can bring food and beverages to share with their viewers.
  • The artist can attend/advertise their work at the next First Friday event, although our media focus will mostly be on the Potter-in-Residence.
  • Work is taken down by the artist the last Sunday/Monday of the second month.
  • We encourage potential buyers to contact the artist directly, but we can collect revenue if needed. If work is sold, buyers can retrieve their pieces at the end of the show. 100% of sales go to the artist.

Apply for a First Friday event.