Indonesian Tea, Amongst Village and Mountains

Indonesian Tea, Amongst Village and Mountains

Step off a plane in Jakarta, and you may find yourself weaving up a mountain road.  This road may eventually end at tea farm nestled in a mountain notch, the ocean a distant view.  Find yourself here, and you’ll know you’ve arrived at Indonesia’s finest, organic tea farm.  At the center is the Tea Master’s house, where all things tea are executed with care and precision.  This farm produces the best tea Java, Indonesia has to offer, and we are proud to carry it.

Indonesia, originally called the Spice Islands and an archipelago nation with over 18,000 islands, has a long history with tea.  After Dutch colonization, tea exports to Europe began in 1828.  Independent from the Dutch in 1945, it remains a global contender with tea and ranks 6th in world tea production.




tea farm in mountains
tea owner and foremen