Kenyan Purple Tea – A Healthy Green Choice

Kenyan Purple Tea – A Healthy Green Choice

Kenyan Purple Tea is the product of 25 years of work by the Kenyan Tea Research Institute. With wonderful flavor, there is the added benefit of containing a high level of antioxidants – more than in black or green teas.

Tea farmers in Kenya are latching onto this new tea due to its health benefits and its response to climate change.  It responds better to frost, drought and pests. It’s a green alternative for tea drinkers.  Purple tea is anthocyanin rich – meaning it has super high levels of antioxidants – which can provide anti-cancer benefits, improved vision, lower cholesterol, increased metabolism, and anti aging with skin.  The most prominent antioxidant is malvidin- found in red grapes, wine, and blueberries.

Purple tea’s caffeine content is lower than black tea.

Hand Rolled Purple– is a whole leaf tea made from the leaves and the buds, is steeped at 212˚ for 3 minutes.  Dry with hints of astringency.  The liquor has a slight purplish tinge.

Purple tea is grown in Kenya with limited availability worldwide.  Read our blog about Kenyan purple tea.

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