Elephant FriendlyTM Certified Teas from Bodoland, Assam, India

Elephant FriendlyTM Teas

We are honored to be the first U.S. tea company to carry Elephant Friendly™ certified tea.  What does this mean?  Elephants in Assam get hurt and die due to lack of safe habitat corridors and human interactions.  Tenzing, the tea farmer we are working with, committed to growing tea organically and in an ecologically sound manner.  His tea farm is free of electric fences, pesticides, and deep ditches and habitat corridors provide safe passage for elephants.  Like many organic tea farms, his is completely alive with bugs, birds, elephants, and rich tasting tea.

In addition to certifying tea farms, the Elephant Friendly™ program provides entrepreneurial loans to women in Assam.  One example of this is a tree nursery.  Tenzing works with this local, female owned tree nursery to reforest land on his property.  The Elephant Friendly™ program plans to support more of these types of women owned businesses in the region.



Elephant herd
Elephant Friendly TM certification
Elephant FriendlyTM Certified Tea

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